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Venice, Florida
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JLH Sustainable

Our Mission

"At JLH we are trying to do our part to preserve the environment for our children and their children. We know that we have to start somewhere and for us it starts at home."

To provide the most technologically advanced pre-engineered steel and solar powered environments which will create carbon free and maintenance free lifestyles for homeowners and businesses and, give viable alternative construction options for builders, contractors and developers.

JLH Sustainable

Our Team


Always wanting to “Do what’s right” has been Jim Henderson’s motto in business. With almost 40 years in business he turned his focus on doing what is right for the environment.

After Jim implemented a comprehensive recycling and reuse program for close to 1 million pounds of cardboard and wood materials, per year, he installed the largest solar system in Collier County FL on his, then 34,000 sq ft warehouse in Naples Fl.

While Jim was adding a 10,000 sq ft, 45 ft tall catagory 5 rated addition, he realized that homes could possibly be built in a similar fashion and JLH was born.

JLH Sustainable Housing was formed almost two years ago because, for Jim Henderson, this was “the right thing to do” and he is excited to make sustainable and attainable housing available for anyone.


John is the Director Of Operations for JLH Sustainable Housing. He has long been a champion of modest living and expending the fewest natural resources possible to have the smallest possible negative environmental impact.

John worked with the owner of William C. Huff Companies to help design a 10,000 square ft, category 5 rated warehouse facility that used 75% recycled steel and materials.

John believes that everyone deserves the right to live in a sustainable, attainable home that is better for the environment and its occupants.

John is a drummer and musician and has composed and produces music for the stage and live theater.

Sustainable Homes Engineered Today for Tomorrow

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